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This page is intended to collect informations about the discontinued digital multiband compressor "Triple-C" by TCelectronics. Most of them are just taken from the TC-tech-library, others are found out by myself. Topics covered by the user's manual will not be repeated here.

additional technical data
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additional technical data


There are two additional menus. Both of them are activated at power-on by holding down some keys. When activated they will enlighten all available items on the LCD and show a more detailed information about the device's version. Menuitems are reached by turning the value-wheel and activated using the "menu"-button. To leave switch power off.
Attention: Be really careful as you might do bad things here...!

The powerswitch is a "standby"-switch as it does not turn off mains. At each power-on the last preset is recalled but as well the current position of all the frontpanel-knobs is read and reactivated. If you use a default preset be sure to recall it every time after powering on!
If you keep the powerswitch in its on-position and turn on and off power externally the Triple-C will initially load the preset that was loaded last time the local power switch was used to turn it off (and then read the actual knob values).



total delays from analog in to analog out in ms

Delays LookAhead 44,1kHz 48kHz
Bypass Off 1,45 1,34
in use Off 1,47 1,36
Bypass On 4,44 4,33
in use On 4,44 4,33
Envelope/Bypass no matter 4,44 4,33
Envelope / in use Off before 4,44 4,33
Envelope / in use On before 7,41 7,30

according to the manual it should be: 44,1kHz = 1,39ms / 48kHz = 1,29ms / for LookAhead add 3ms
measurements have been made using pink noise

What does the DRG do?

To put it short: it adds distortion of the first harmonic and slightly increases the level.

DRG 1kHz 2kHz 3kHz
0 -12,2 -67,2 -73,2
3 -11,3 -52,4 -72,7
7 -10,1 -41,8 -72,0
10 -9,2 -36,8 -70,3

measurements have been made using 1kHz sine wave, all results are just examples as the behaviour seems to change depending on the absolute level!


How does it look inside? triple-c inside

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